My name is Jennifer Hernadez Velazquez. I come from a small town on the south of the island named Guayanilla. I was born in 1985 and come from a family of four which I believe is really typical of the Puertorrican culture. 

In my life as a student I have come to know both the private and public educational systems. I studied from kindergarten through ninth grade in a private catholic school and the rest of my student years in a public school. When I graduated high school I was faced with the difficult decision of staying at Guayanilla and study in Ponce or move to Mayaguez and enter to the University of Puerto Rico system. At the end i chose Mayaguez and probably was the greatest decision I have ever made. Once in Mayaguez I entered the Linguistic program of the English Department and there I met my  dream of becoming both a teacher and a speech pathologist. Nowadays I am pursuing both of my dreams because I find that both professions give people back their voices, one provides them with knowledge to help them change lives and the other one gives them the power to physically be able to communicate.

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